Alternative Ways to Stop Smoking & Heal Lung Tissue

By Dr. Paul Haider

It is always a great time to stop smoking. Here are some wonderful herb and other ways that will assist you in kicking the habit and heal your lungs.

First of all smoking is an addiction with all the chemicals in tobacco these days you become addicted to the chemicals more than you are addicted to the tobacco and nicotine.

Most people smoke because of nervousness and anxiety and it does give a person a temporary high and takes their mind off of things. So relaxing the mind/body is very important in order to stop smoking.

St. Johns wort is a good relaxing agent that will boost your mood and help you get through the tough times of ending your smoking addiction. Saffron Extract will give you a boost of serotonin which brings about mood altering good feelings that help with weight loss and kicking the smoking habit too.

Lobelia has been known to help a lot of people with the need for nicotine and people say that tobacco tastes bad when taking Lobelia. Lobelia works on dopamine and nicotine receptor in the brain thus helping withdrawal symptoms. Lobelia also contains a substance that’s similar to nicotine and you can get it in patches too… it’s similar to the regular nicotine patches and gums that you can buy but without the nicotine.

Catnip is wonderful for relaxing, soothing nerves, and helping your body overcome the anxiety of kicking the habit. CaoSu a Chinese herb will help you kick urge for a smoke… and detox your body at the same time. Valerian works great for the stress and anxiety, lots of people feel they are able to get through the first few days with valerian, and Chamomile is great for soothing away anxiety… and like Valerian it helps you sleep.


Peppermint tea heals stress, anxiety, and also soothes away GI distress that sometimes happens when you stop smoking, and Slippery Elm, Marshmallow Root, and Ginger also help sooth the GI tract.

Skullcap is another herb that will boost up endorphin levels and bring about feelings of relaxed peace that will help you get through your day. Vervain is a good relaxing agent that will help you with anxiety and relax your body.

Ginseng will boost your energy level and balance out your body allowing it to get back to normal. Oat Straw Tea is soothing, relaxing, calming, and will help you get rid of the jitters, stress, and fatigue that comes with kicking the habit. Kava Kava is a great relaxing agent and Mimosa is another herb that helps with anxiety.

Hypnosis is the most powerful tool you have to stop smoking, hypnosis is the number one way to stop smoking. Find a good hypnotherapist in your area, hypnosis is great for kicking the habit.

Go to a Traditional Chinese Doctor because they have lots of great formulas to help you kick the smoking habit. Also acupuncture can help you quit smoking and get your body back on tract to feeling peaceful, centered, and balanced.

Turmeric is wonderful for boosting your immune system, plus rids your body of cancer causing agents… and it soothes your lungs of inflammation. Coltsfoot loosen everything in your lungs allowing it to be brought up… and brings your lung tissue back to life. And Garlic is amazing for boosting up your immune system and healing your lungs.


Elderberry juice is great for rejuvenating your lungs and jump starting your immune system plus soothing away irritation. Mullen which is used for colds and flues sooth away irritation… and jump start your healing process. Astragalus Root bringing energy into your lungs and opens bronchioles so you can breath.

Other herbs that heal the lungs after smoking are: Ballon Flower, Eucalyptus, Bromelian, Plum Flower, Chayote, Sterculia, Licorice Root, Plantain, Thyme, Goldenseal, Fennel, and even Chickweed.

Take Milk Thistle and Burdock Root to cleans your body of all the chemicals and rejuvenate your liver. And a few charcoal capsules will help to cleans your GI tract of all the terrible toxins. Get your colon on the right track too with probiotic capsules so you get your body in balance and start the healing process.

A detoxing diet of Mung Beans and Rice works great for 7 to 10 days, it will cleans your body of all those terrible chemicals and get you on the fast track to healing.

Then start detoxing your body with lots of healing veggie juices such as alkalizing cucumber, celery, broccoli, cabbage, and other green leafy veggies. Also eating lots of green veggies will heal your lungs… and always eat organic and none GMO foods. Stay way from wheat, barley, soda, caffeine (except green tea), sugar, artificial favors, colors, sweeteners, processed food, and fast food… they will all start your cravings.

Take a good vitamin supplement and lots of vitamin C and B’s because your body needs them to heal. Also take none essential amino acids, smoking depleted them from your body… you can find them at your local health food store.


Exercise because it will boost your immune system, metabolism, endorphins, and body image and make you feel good about yourself. Find new ways of getting rid of stress, lots of people smoke because of stress… learn Meditation, QiGong, Yoga, Tai Chi, Martial Arts, and other relaxing endeavors will help you to feel at peace so you don’t smoke.

Start taking care of yourself by taking time for your mind, body, spirit, social life, relationships, and your financial life and beliefs. All of these are important and now that are heading off on a new life… it’s time to revaluate and make changes.

About the Author

Dr. Paul Haider – Master Herbalist and Spiritual Teacher for over 20 years, helping people to recover and feel healthy. You can also find Dr. Haider on FB under Dr. Paul Haider, Healing Herbs, and at – feel free to contact him any time.