Professor Pappas‘ Theory of Cancer

Developed by Professor P.T. Pappas,

based on the experience of PAP IMI results,

over the last ten years.


Upgraded Version, January 2, 2002

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We would like to state a more consistent theory of cancer that we came up to, based in ten years of experience with the fascinating results obtained after PAP IMI exposures, and, compare these results, with other theories and methods .


The first assumption concerns the most basic principle of physics, which we have come to several years ago in association with cancer. The assumption concerns the physical energy of the cell. Energy in physics, even in universe as a whole, is the most fundamental and universal concept of cause and effect, which controls every action in the cosmos, between a donor of the energy -the cause, and a receptor of the energy -the result. We may say, a system with energy transformed from one form to another or given from a donor to a receptor, is an alive system. A system with energy but not given and taken between donors and receptors is a died system. We state below this extremely simple and fundamental principle for cancer in relation to the physical energy condition of a cell.


Cancer is a critical state of low energy of a cell, in which the cell is being „trapped“ for various reasons. This critically low energy state is manifested by a low transmembrane potential of 15 mvolts, which causes a „chain“ of specific malfunctions for the cell, and a general state of ischemia (low energy) for the organism. When a cell is in this particular low energy state and below 15 mV (Nobel Laureate Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Cone and others) proliferates, divides in two identical parts in an attempt to survive in large numbers.


Cancer is also the most general phenomenon of missing energy and proliferation in biological systems, and it is found in all forms of life, i.e., plants, animals and we even claim in all life societies that of humans, animals, plants, as well as that of various microorganism.


We demonstrate the above, with a common example taken from agriculture, and known practically to all farmers.

Let us suppose, that we have two plants , which we water every day. The plants stay healthy, but do not produce flowers or seeds to enter into the of reproduction. However, as soon as, one of the plants is deprived of watering, and as a result is found in a state of stress , having less nutrition and energy , then it flowers and reproduces to survive by extension. That is, as soon as, one of the plants is found in a stressful environment , i.e. without nutrition and energy, (because of lack of water which acts as the carrier of nutrition), it produces as soon as possible flowers and seeds, in order to multiply, and obviously, tries to survive as species, via a large number of successors, following an „instinct“ or a survival „program „, deeply encoded in its DNA by its creator.

This is a general phenomenon of reproduction, known for almost all plants .


The same holds true for an advanced organism , which may secure its food fairly easier versus a primitive one, which strives every day for food. Indeed, a primitive organism is in a continuous state of stress , for finding food and energy . In order to counter this and overtake its daily battle for food and to survive as species, it multiplies very fast and in large numbers.

On the contrary, an advanced organism or animal multiplies very slowly, and in fewer numbers. For example, big animals like elephants or humans multiply very, very slowly, with respect to a smaller animal like a rabbit or a primitive organism for example.

The same is true for a poor, versus a rich, society. Poor couples of primitive societies, usually tend to have five, ten or more children with respect to rich couples of wealthy societies, which tend to have one or two children only.


A low energy proliferating cell with limited resources and energy availability, for any reason, because it is in a toxic environment , or because it is found in a rather anaerobic (non-oxygenated) environment, which was not intended to be so in the first place, or because it is surrounded by a tumor, or it is adjacent to a tumor, which lacks veins and arteries and strives for energy and food, and without possibility of proper oxygenation, nutrition, or metabolism and therefore energy, causes to the adjacent or nearby cells, a similar shortage of nutrition and energy .

We can say, proliferating cells in energy crisis, cause a similar“energy crisis“ to nearby cells. In other words, the energy crisis of a smaller area of cells, is diffused or extended to a broader area, because of the most basic and fundamental principle of physics , the principle of conservation energy in a limited area.


This crisis of low energy, is reflected to the following general chain reactions and results:


low transmembrane potential,

increased accumulation of sodium ions inside the cell ,

increased water molecular attached to sodium molecules inside the cell


increase of volume of the cell and osmotic pressure inside the cell,


thinning of the cell membrane.


With above conditions and when transmembrane potential drops below 15 mV, it leads to cell division and eventually cell over population, which enhances and diffuses the existing energy crisis from the cells to the system., in other words, energy crisis is then extended and generalized for the system as a whole with the characteristic of low energy and ischemia for the system itself. We may say, that cells with low energy get into a „panic“ state of feverish multiplication, in order to preserve their species, following an inherent program encoded in the most fundamental part of their DNA for survival under the emergency of severe conditions. So, more cells are produced inside the tumor, or more cells are produced adjacent to the tumor which are found naturally in a low energy or poverty environment, diffused from the expanding prime energy crisis – prime cancer. Newer cancer cells will lack even more energy for the same reason. So, we see naturally why the tumor grows or diffuses to adjacent areas and tissues, a phenomenon known as „cancer diffusion“, i.e., cancers ability to diffuse to adjacent healthy cells and tissues which is particularly unexplained today. Obviously, the more those „low energy“ cells multiply, the more is the need for even more energy in the organism as a hole to feed the newborn cells. Therefore, the energy crisis and the cell starvation expands and expands.


The organism soon becomes a „poor society in a panic crisis situation“ as a whole, lacking even more energy . In such a case, more and more cells will become into a „panic state“ for nutrition and energy and so, we see that cancer thriumphally metastasizes and generalizes. The organism or person becomes thin, weak and ischemic, with the common characteristic of energy lack and improper nutrition. Cancer then spreads and generalizes, with no way for the organism or person to overcome this increasing need of energy and nutrition.


Apparently, there is no way out of this „energy crisis“ when many more new cells appear, and, the organism (or the person) dies. This is more or less the macroscopic „scenario“ of the cancer phenomenon, omitting numerous details of the cell physiology, and the details how the organism gradually fails as a whole, because of its growing „starving cells over population“, and the resulting development of this „energy crisis“.


As an indisputable example and confirmation of the above, we may consider the modern technique of genetic engineering that of cloning living cells. The technique of cloning living cells consists in forcing a just fertilized egg to duplicate into more than one copy, so that more than one identical embryos develop. This technique, even as simply as reported widely in the public media, consists in isolating a just fertilized egg and putting it in a very low nutrition environment. When the egg is found in such low nutrition environment and obviously low energy, proliferates in identical copies, in exact agreement to the ideas expressed above.


The just fertilized egg is stressed to extinction, its survival program encoded in its DNA is automatically activated and tries to survive by multiplication in large numbers.


After a number of proliferating cell copies, biologists then remove the cell copies back to a proper nutrition and energy environment , where proliferation stops and proper cell development to identical embryos occurs.


The same technique for plants is known for many thousands of years to farmers of this planet, called „meristomatic“ culturing, or plants cloning as we could say today. This old technique can be found in encyclopedias. Meristomatic culturing or cloning for the plants is typical for Orchids confirming directly our above hypothesis of multiplication andcancer.


A small piece of a leave of an orchid is cut and removed to a dry isolated air sealed environment, and is placed on a dry inorganic material like a stone-wool (used in building industry for sound insulation). Stone-wool has nothing to offer to the piece of leave in the dry air-sealed environment. The orchid cells are found immediately in a stressed environment with complete lack of nutrition other than the nutrition was already in serum of the leave. Soon the cells in the piece of the leave, because the energy and nutrition crisis they face, multiply and provide a new orchid.


The above example of orchid is in principle common and typical with meristomatic culturing of other plants and it is in rinciple the same with the modern technique of modern cloning in Biology.

However, we may question immediately the following:


Why orchid cells when stressed lead to a new orchid and not to cancer?

Similarly, the other way around:

Why cells when stressed lead to cancer and not to a new plant or animal like in meristomatic culturing or in biological cloning?


The answer is that meristomatic culturing or biological cloning is always processed away of the main plant or animal, and then a new identical in form and in function plant or animal develops, according to its DNA description of the cell, regardless of the location. On a particular location or anatomic position of an organism, cells differentiate, or specialize, or restrict their DNA function to a specific task. This DNA restriction imposed by the anatomic position of the organism is what prohibits a multiplying cell on the organism to develop to a new independent organism as it would have done away of it and away from the particular anatomic position.

When starving conditions are imposed on an anatomic position of a plant or on an animal, either the cells will die or the cells with the „restricted by this position DNA“ give a „monster form“ multiplication that we call cancer.


It is beyond the scope of this article to discuss and prove the form giving or cell differentiation factor on an anatomic position of an organism. For the present scope, we may only call the controlling factor, the etheric archetype or morphogenic ether of the organism, after Aristoteles who specifically defines the non material and non visible „Ether“ or the „Fifth Essence“, as the non material agent that gives form to inorganic and organic matter. Additionally, we may say that the etheric archetype seems to be in operation in giving forms to plants, animals, stones, clouds, mountains, the visible craters of the moon, the recent (late 90’s) found galaxy arrangement in the Universe, forms associated with cohesion forces, forms of the iris of the eye, forms in crystals, ores concentration, forms in dried water, dried blood, dried saline, ice, all different forms of the very well known, but still unexplained, snow flakes!… etc.


Cancer has also form. Though cancer is considered as a non controlled multiplication of cells. We may directly this an exaggeration because cancer is indeed the opposite. It is a controlled multiplication in a particular volume. Any arbitrary concentration of cancer cells in a particular volume is subject to immediate fatality, for no metabolism necessary for any kind of cells, can be supported. For any cells, including cancer cells, an elementary system providing nutrients and sustaining at least an elementary metabolism is required. Tumors are known to create an organized net of capillary tubes, arteries and veins that collectively connect to a main artery for blood supply in humans. Medication for halting an organized geometric structure called angiogenesis is provided to     cancer patients to eliminate their tumors. So we see that tumors without the differentiated cells to form geometric structures called angia or arteries can not survive.


Therefore, though it is explicitly said that cancer is a non controlled undifferentiated multiplication of cells, it is also clearly admitted the opposite – cancer cells also differentiate in an organized form of arteries.


The new factor that differentiates and gives the particular form to new born cells and geometric form to the non- existing before tumor, we may call here the etheric archetype of the tumor that gives form to it enabling it to survive.


We shall postulate also here that this form factor is also the same as the universal form-factor called ether by Aristoteles and that is present every where in the Universe, as in the examples we gave above, indicate.


From the many years of observations and experimentations and for reasons to understand the rest of this presentation, We shall also state here, as postulates, two basic principles which govern this non material form of etheric archetype.


  1. The principle of extendability of etheric archetype, i.e., to copy or extend itself to any available carrier.
  2. The Principle of fractal information for the etheric archetype, i.e., to carry all the form information to any point irrespectively of the available volume.


We may conclude, that the methods of treating cancer, obviously should be based on controlling one or more of the factors, governing the above self-sustained mechanism of lack of energy and shelf-organized proliferation, which is creating more need for energy, for the induced population growth.


Destructive controls of cancer:


We consider this category, to be the first category used to control cancer.

We call this category „destructive“, because, it is mainly based on means of destruction (or means for killing cancer cells), which may, or may not be the same means, which have already caused cancer in the first place, according to the ideas expressed here.

Immediately, we see that the destruction methods or any cell destruction processes are cause of cancer too, as cancer itself is a state of emergency for survival against any destruction and extinction.



The destructive methods of controlling cancer practically are:

  1. Surgery
    Surgery consists of removing and destroying of a large population of cancer cells, mainly by mechanical means.


  1. Radiation
    Radiation consists of destroying of a large population of such cells, mainly by gamma radioactivity.


  1. Chemotherapy

Chemotherapy is a generic term derived form two Greek words that of chemia for chemistry and that of therapia for treatment. However, chemotherapy in practice consists in destroying large population of cancer cells and other cells, by strong toxic substances.


In reality, though, chemotherapy reduces cancer population, the same action of chemotherapy is a characteristic reason for cancer development, in the same sense we explained above, by making the cells which survived, to get into an extreme state of     „panic“ and proliferation for survival. On top of this, the toxic action of chemotherapy does not assist at all to restore the missing energy resources of the organism by distracting other vital functions and particularly by destroying the immune system.



Constructive methods controlling cancer may consist of:

  1. Primarily restoring the missing energy , so the cells do not need to proliferate, and subsequently become cancer cells.
  2. Helping the organism to restore its normal function, for loss of normal function, results in lack of energy .
  3. Enhancing the immune system, which may limit the number of cancer cells, and thus limit the energy and nutrition expenditure of the organism .

Preventing self-organization of tumors by the extinction of the etheric archetype associated with the particular tumors.

Unfortunately, the existing medical methods are not oriented into the constructive methods of treatment of cancer. On the contrary, constructive methods are called „alternative“ methods. Law excludes them in certain States of USA, even for those medical cases, that the destructive methods are admitted to offer no hope.


For example, in certain States of USA, any treatment of cancer other than surgery, radiation and chemotherapy is considered illegal!

A law, which in its strict sense, obviously contradicts, and interferes with the freedom of „scientific“ method and development.


PAP IMI exposures are assumed to provide magnetic and induced electrical energy which transform to direct energy to all cells and particular to „energy thirsty“ cancer cells, by increasing the transmembrane potential of the cells, and thus, putting them into a state which is known not to trigger proliferation. (Nobel Laureate Albert Szent-Gyorgyi, Cone, and others).

At the same time, the immune system is generally enhanced by PAPIMI exposures, and may start „extinguishing“ cancer cells.


PAP IMI exposure, due to its unique instant power, may cause considerable disturbances that apparently may disorganizes or may erase the etheric archetype associated with the tumor. As soon the tumor’s etheric archetype is erased, during the PAP IMI pulse pause, the rest of the body’s healthy etheric archetype may be extended or copied in the area, under the first principle of extendability of etheric archetypes.

In the respect of the principle of the etheric archetype extendability, a rejection has been reported in many cases along or after PAP IMI exposures, by an „under the tumor growth“ of healthy tissue , to the point that the tumor itself was rejected, in a manner that a „foreign body “ took place. Also, tumor necrosis has been many times observed without ever any destructive effect on adjacent or any where else healthy tissue.

Apparently, systematic or generalized cancer cases may not be helped by PAP IMI exposures and the principle of extendabilty, for there will be no healthy area to be copied or extended to over a local cancerous area. Indeed, systematic or whole body leukemia cancer were never found to be helped by PAP IMI exposures.


The triple action of PAP imi exposures

for treating cancer cells may be summarized as follows:


  1. PAP IMI exposures, are assumed to stop cell proliferation by increasing energy directly in the form of increase of transmembrane potential and also by reestablishing cell metabolism to normal levels.
  2. PAP IMI exposures are assumed to enhance or excite the immune system, that may extinguish cancer cells. Also, PAP IMI enhances other vital functions of the body, i.e., liver function, lung function, blood and lymph circulation, kidney function, etc, that may sustain or enhance in general metabolism
  3. PAP IMI may erase the etheric archetype associated with the tumor to the point to cause tumor disorganization and necrosis, as well as to initiate tumor rejection as a „foreign body rejection“ by under the tumor healthy tissue


As secondary actions of PAP IMI exposures in the respect of treating cancer cells with the above ideas of „cancer being in a state of low biological energy and nutrition“, in general may be considered to be:

PAP IMI’s strong anti-inflammatory action, enhancement of metabolism, nutrition via blood influx and tissue oxygenation.


Suggested provisions associated with PAP IMI treatments for reestablishing metabolism:

It is an imperative condition that a cancer patient may have availability in all nutrients for his intended enhancement of metabolism by PAP IMI.


„All cancer patients should be in good and sufficient order with respect to all of their vital functions that will sustain sufficiently their metabolism with and after PAP IMI exposures. In this direction, vital function’s sufficient restoration or enhancement is necessary prior to the fulfilment of PAP IMI exposures.


As a good marker for underweighted cancer patients, we consider is to start gaining weight, by an increase of intake of calories and nutrition.


The thermometer for an underweighted cancer patient should be a daily weight scale. Inability and failure to restore lost weight or farther loss of weight, should place the procedure under reconsideration into a state of alert. Consultation with an expert with knowledge on nutrition and metabolism Medical Doctor should be an emergency and first priority.“


We anticipate to publish in the near future, (see articles on nuclear transmutation on this presentation) numerous didactic examples and paradigms, more details of how PMF energy of the kind the PAP IMI devices is producing, increases cell energy, action and vitality, in the light of the research of biological nuclear transmutations of low energy, made by the Great French Scientist Louis C. Kervran; as well as in the light of the recent developments of cold nuclear fusion relating and confirming Louis C. Kervran of low energy nuclear reactions, which seem to take place particularly in every biological activity and to be the soul of every living cell.



We believe Louis C. Kervran’s findings are the missing link so far, for understanding properly basic cell physiology, energy and cancer. Such ideas will distinguish the year 2001 and beyond from all previous years.


January 2, 2002


Professor Panos T. Pappas ,



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