How Toxicity Relates To The Use Of The Rife/Bare Device

This report was written in response to a number of enquiries from various Rife Information Mailing Lists on the Internet. At the end are questions that came in as result of my submitting the information to the public and my responses.

10 March 1998

This report is based upon my research and evaluation of the Rife/Bare device BUT much of the information is applicable to other things. It was in January of 1996 that I first encountered Dr. James Bare and his new plasma wave device. After assessing many hundreds of volunteers and personally having over 1000 hours in front of or beside a working Rife/Bare device, I want to share my observations.

Severe toxicity resulting from „kill off“ is often referred to as a Jarisch-Herxheimer or Herxheimer reaction. Medication like chemotherapy may produce this reaction. Examples of other modalities that can produce this reaction are radiation treatment, colloidal silver, certain herbs … and of course Rife Technology including wand and pad type devices. A Rife/Bare device can also bring about this reaction.

If you are using the Rife/Bare device … remember detoxification „Factors“ are proportionate to the amount of „kill off“ and the ability to process the result.


  • Device related
    1. Effectiveness of the „signal“ produced by each particular device varies. Examples of influencing components or operators actions:
      • The type of tube used. Phanotrons are primarily directional.
      • U and straight tubes provide equal and universal coverage.
      • Pulsing (also called gating) the signal(s)
      • Colour of the ignited plasma in the tube
    2. Dwell time (duration) the particular frequency is „on target“
    3. The accuracy of the frequency(s) used. Mutations require different settings but usually close to the primary frequency.
    4. Distance between the device and the target. Being too close (3 feet or less) may produce RF burns and being over 30 feet away may be too far for some uses and some machines.
    5. Objects between the device and target may reduce effectiveness.
    6. Greater forward power (as measured on the antenna tuner meter) equals greater effect.
    7. Lower SWRs equal greater effect. For example, 1.3 is better than 1.8
    8. The number of times the device is used within a given period of time. More times equals greater effect.
    9. Frequencies chosen to do the task often require a partner frequency to be used to assist in detoxification. For example, I always use 10000 and 3176 with any cancer frequency.
    10. Radio frequency (RF) content produces positive effects. (There is disagreement with this statement. I feel „if it works don’t fix it“ is appropriate at least until it is substantiated RF is not needed to produce „the effect“.)
  • Body related
    1. The amount of „targeted“ material that is present. For example, a larger amount of tumor mass = more kill off = more toxicity.
    2. The condition of organs, particularly the liver, kidneys and bowels. If any of these are already being worked hard, they probably require assistance. I often advocate the use of the Kombucha tea to assist the liver and the use of colonics.
    3. The amount of water/fluid intake. More water (up to a point) assists in flushing waste materials from the body.
    4. The amount and type of exercise. Some exercise is needed to „pump“ the lymphatic system and get the heart pumping.

Controlled use of a Rife/Bare device will often produce a mild detoxification reaction. This, more often than not, is the case.

Excessive much use of a Rife/Bare device will create a crisis in toxicity more often than not.

As an example, when using a Rife/Bare device for Carcinoma Cancer, I suggest no more than 3 minutes per frequency. Take into consideration, if there is a lot of cancer present and there is no reaction within 24 hours of the second session, then you are likely not using the correct target frequencies.

Rather than increasing the dwell time to 5 minutes per frequency, move off the frequency you were using by 3 cycles per second (cps or Hz). For example, instead of 2128, use 2131 but stay on 2131 for 3 minutes. Often, a move off to either side the normal frequency will produce results.

This sometimes is referred to as the „bell curve“. Remember that cells or viruses are somewhat like people – they look similar but there are different shapes. A specific frequency can only address a specific shape. If there is no reaction within that first week I will go 3 cps off from what I was running prior. For example, if 2104 doesn’t seem to be producing any effects, then I will try either 2101 or 2107. If I choose to do (2104-3) 2101, the next frequencies would be (2112-3) 2109, (2120-3) 2117, (2128-3) 2125, etc.

After a week if there were no results I would try the opposite group: (2104+3) 2107, (2112+3) 2115, (2120+3) 2123, (2128+3) 2131, etc.

Seven out of ten respond favourably to the what I call the „primary group“ of 2104 to 2200. Within this group are two „primary frequencies“: 2128 and 2184.

I use a number of cancer frequencies during a single session.

I divide carcinoma up into the following frequencies for each session: 2104, 2112, 2120, 2128, 2136, 2144, 2152, 2160, 2168, 2176, 2184, 2192 and 2200.

I also use 10000, 5000, 3176, 2489, 1552, 728, 464, 304, 120 and 20 to assist in stimulating the immune system and help with detoxification. I use these frequencies to assist the cancer freqeuncies (listed above). The assisting frequencies are used with the cancer frequencies within the same session and may also be used on days when the cancer frequencies are not intended to be used. The above session takes about 70 minutes.

The order frequencies are used seems to not make a difference. Out of habit I start at 10000 and work down. Some volunteers can actually „feel“ the signal on certain frequencies. Others cannot – yet many will report benefits.

If the effective frequencies are identified then it is quite likely that the session can be shortened down considerably from the „shotgun“ approach listed above.

I run the carcinoma frequencies for 3 minutes each in „back to back“ sessions (today and tomorrow) then wait 24 to 48 hours to see what the reaction is. If there is very little or no detoxification reaction (no apparent kill off) then I will run again, keeping exactly to the above frequencies and I will continue to do so for 7 or 8 days from the day this process was initiated. With some people the reaction comes about slowly.

If you have a darkfield microscope then you can verify the „kill off“ by checking the live blood before and after use of a Rife/Bare device.

Usually there is a medium to heavy reaction if lots of cancer is present. Once this happens, I allow 2 to 4 days for detoxification and after one good day of „feeling better“, I will repeat the group of frequencies that brought about the Herxheimer reaction.

If the reaction is slight, I will continue to use these frequencies until no reaction takes place after a session. Then I will use frequencies either 3 Hz greater or 3 Hz less than the previously mentioned frequencies.

When there is a reaction, I will often use the device every day to assist the detoxification process and to assist the immune system but I will omit the cancer frequencies for these ‚assist‘ sessions. For example: 10000, 5000, 3176, 2720, 2489, 880, 800, 728, 464, 304, 120 and 20 (each frequency for 3 minutes).

Another example is Herpes Simplex. Note that there are at least seven forms of herpes.

Get aggressive. For any virus, bacteria, yeast or fungi, an aggressive attacks work best.

Primary frequencies are 1488 and 1550. Typical attack is every day.

Day one

  1488 1489 1490 1491 1492 1493 1550 1551 1552 1553 1554 1555

  (5 minutes at each frequency)

Day two

  1483 1484 1485 1486 1487 1488 1545 1546 1547 1548 1549 1550

  (5 minutes at each frequency)

Attack the virus at different times of the day. The frequencies may be divided into groups which are used at different times of the day. Keep the virus off guard. Pulsing the signal produces better results than not pulsing. (Note that pulsing the signal is harder on your equipment than not pulsing.) Some days split the session into two or three segments. Other days run at different times of the day. The idea is to keep the virus off guard.

The same principles apply to other viruses and bacteria such as Lyme. Keep up a strong offensive and do not let up until weeks or months later. Viruses have an uncanny ability to survive.

Typical detoxification symptoms, occuring 4 to 12 hours after a session, are headaches, slight nausea, sore or stiff muscles, an outbreak of pimples or a rash… but could also include exhaustion, chills and/or fever, etc.

Typical indication of success (when headway is being made) is that the kill off gets less and the detoxification reaction is proportionatly less… whether it be for cancer, herpes, Lyme, Candida, etc.

No apparent evidence of detoxification symptoms does not necessarily mean that headway is NOT being made. Toxicity may be accumulative. Everyone detoxes slightly differently and to different degrees. I’ve had a few volunteers who, after using the device twice weekly did not have a detoxification reaction until 4 to 6 weeks later… and then described it as being „run over by a Mac truck“.

This entire process is complex. Never accept just because something was done a certain way, that everyone will respond the same. Such is not the case. There are many similarities that repeat over and over with different volunteers, but there is usually some variation that will work best for them.

The use of the Rife/Bare device and its success of use is dependent upon the operators understanding of the device and what it is being targeted on. Just remember that safety is on the side of the user. Dr. Rife apparently said that if you did not need the frequency, that nothing happened. Such is proving true. With now over 500 volunteers in our Rife/Bare evaluation program – not a single report of an injury or mishap. The reason for this is simple, we operate to rigid protocalls such as everyone, other than the operators, are at least 6 feet from the device. We do not experiment with unknown frequencies. We train our operators and chose responsible people to operate the unit.

THE BEST OPERATORS KEEP REGULAR & DETAILED RECORDS of the frequencies, duration, forward power and SWRs (standing wave ratios) used.

We also talk openly about how to detoxification the body and detoxification the emotions that surface from the use of the device.

Just remember, you can have the finest race car in the world but you will never win a race with it until you learn to drive it correctly. It takes training and practice. The more informed you are, the better the results will be.

I hope this helps everyone. Success come from sharing. Keep me informed as to how you are doing and if you believe there are items that can enhance this report.

Questions and Answers resulting from the above report

Question 1: You spoke of the directivity of the Phanotron. While that may be useful, in some cases, what if it were mounted vertically? I’m thinking that it might give a better ’spread‘, for groups.

Answer: The Phanotron is a great tube and will concentrate signal. This tube is particularly good for focusing directly on tumors. I have asked Bill Cheb, the manufacturer of the tubes that we use, to provide some detail as to the size of the field the Phanotron produces at varied distances. This information will be forthcoming once it is available to me.

Question 2: Would you, please, comment on what you mean by detoxing the emotions?

Answer: Far more volunteers experience increased feelings than those who do not. Many reported crying on the way home for no apparent reason. Others report feeling anger. Couples who have not dealt with their feelings concerning their relationship find it is more difficult to suppress. They begin to express what they have held in for so many years. This certainly clears issues and if handled with love will bring couples into a stronger relationship. Within our group one couple separated while others became closer and stronger. All of this clears in due course if the volunteer has the courage to let it out rather than suppressing. Some volunteers have quit the program because they chose to suppress the feelings rather than dealing with them. I call this process emotional detoxification and I attribute this anomaly to the effects of the Rife/Bare device.