Tom’s Prostate and Bone Cancer Recovery

In December 1999 Tom was sent to „Dr. A.C. Volt“ by his physician, an MD who is very experienced in alternative healing. Tom had prostate cancer that had also spread to his bones, normally considered an incurable situation.

Tom had an anaerobic imbalance with very alkaline urine with high surface tension and low specific gravity. He chose to take Oxygenic A Plus to correct that. He also chose to take grape plant extract and alfalfa with radionics activations.

He purchased an EMEM3, an older single coil version. This was not a small expense for him. He treated himself daily, particularly using 2128 Hz. He would get the Cheb phanotron tube as close to his abdomen as he could.

Dr. Volt lost contact with him, and he did not continue to purchase supplements. Several months ago, his medical doctor told Dr. Volt that the EMEM3 appeared to be doing Tom some good. And then on January 10, 2001, he told Dr. Volt that Tom is now cancer free.

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