Copyright 1998 Robert C. Beck, D.Sc. January 14, 1998

(The complete process is described here in detail to allow anyone to successfully achieve recoveries and insure that the currently proven methods will never again be „lost“ or suppressed.)



  1. Apply salt-water moistened electrodes over Ulnar and Radial arteries on opposite insides of same wrist. A Velcro(R) and elastic strap holds electrodes in place. You must electrify blood for one to two hours every day for three weeks. This should not interfere with other activities. As your blood circulates normally, enough will be flowing along this path in forearm until most blood in your body is eventually treated by the 50 to 100 microampere current flowing internally. About 3 to 5 milliamperes is necessary at the skin to overcome resistive losses through tissue before current reaches blood.
  2. Drink 8 to 16 OZ of 3 to 5 ppm self-made Silver Colloid daily. Costing under 1 cent per gallon, colloids are shown to easily control opportunistic infections. This gives you a second intact immune system. Colloids can be generated in the same water while ozonizing.
  3. Apply your magnetic pulse generator for about 20 minutes daily by positioning and pulsing coil over lymph nodes and internal organs. Pulse each time it recharges at several second intervals. Pulses of high intensity time-varying magnetic flux generate a measurable back e.m.f. in adjacent tissue thus neutralizing any residual germinating and incubating pathogens. Without this step, sufferers have been known to sometimes reinfect themselves. Conventional permanent magnets positively will not work.
  4. Drink as much ozonated water as you can comfortably ingest daily. You must generate fresh ozone yourself each time and drink immediately since ozone has a half-life of only a few minutes. All known pathogens and cancers are anaerobic. Ozone aids their elimination by oxidation and speeds your detoxification and recovery with no discomfort. Consuming ozone water flushes neutralized pathogens, wastes and toxins from your system.


If you are not technically oriented, you may skip the following.


  1. The blood electrifier and silver colloid maker are usually combined in one small plastic box, typically 3-3/4″ X 2-1/4″ X 1″ (cigarette pack size) containing one outlet for wrist electrodes and a second outlet for colloid making. A single 9 volt transistor radio battery drives a voltage tripler, and a single-IC-chip switches the 27 volts from negative to positive 3.92 times each second. A biphasic square wave with sharp rise time output is fed to a 3.5 mm jack connecting to two 3/32″ stainless steel electrodes 1″ long each covered with two layers of 100% cotton flannel saturated with dilute salt water. A potentiometer allows users to adjust output until comfortable. Red and green LED’s show polarity reversal (essential for safe blood electrification) and overall system functioning. A grain-of-wheat lamp indicates current flow when making ionic colloid. Precise electrode locations are determined by carefully feeling arterial pulse points on opposite insides of same wrist and positioning saturated electrodes precisely along the paths where arteries come closest to surface. Locations are critical, since objective is to supply maximal current into blood and not waste it in surrounding flesh. Typical impedance measured from electrode-to-electrode may be as low as 2000 ohms. Adjust output for strongest comfortable level. Schematics, parts lists and detailed instructions appear in [elsewhere in these lecture notes]. Anyone can build his own system: you need buy nothing except replacement batteries. However commercially available systems are inexpensive, reliable, and are usable immediately.
  2. Ionic Silver Colloids of excellent quality and freshness are easily user-made as follows – Pure silver (99.9%) 14 gauge electrodes, providing anode and cathode about 6″ long, are immersed in an 8 OZ glass of room-temperature water (tap or distilled) and the 27 volt DC output is applied for about 3 minutes in tap water and 20 minutes in distilled water or until water appears milky. Stir and drink immediately two or three times daily. I ozonate the water while making colloid and drink the combination immediately. Some prefer „golden“ colloids, easily made by using only heated (150 degrees F) distilled water in Pyrex containers with electrodes activated for ~20 minutes. Store silver colloid in dark brown bottles. Keep out of light and do not refrigerate.
  3. MAGNETIC PULSER: This extremely useful tool neutralizes active, hibernating or incubating pathogens being normally processed in lymph, spleen, liver, skin, kidney, stomach muscles and other tissue. It is easily made by purchasing or winding a ~2.5 millihenry coil and driving it with a 35 to 70 Watt-Second (Joules) electronic flash or „strobe“. (A Joule is (1/2 CV^2) where C is in microfarads and V is in Kilovolts.) A self-wound inductance coil of ~130 turns of 14 or 16 gauge, plain enameled magnet wire works well. A 2.5 mH audio speaker cross-over coil is prettier. The coil is simply wired between one electrode of the strobe flash lamp and its capacitor. The device, if self-made, costs about $27 and is vasty more powerful than $5000 to $7O00 commercial devices of far less measurable power. The coil kicks a steel washer several feet into the air when pulsed thus showing the „occult“ (invisible) energy going into your body during use. A typical finished device (Sota Instruments, Vancouver, B.C. Canada, 1-(800)-224-0242) tests 600 mfd, 330-350V, 36 WS, 21,429 Gauss, 105 Amperes peak, 17,850 Ampere Turns pulse rise time ~1.8 microseconds, pulse duration ~2.6 milliseconds, penetration ~8″ in tissue. It and its AC power supply fit in a box 1-1/2″ X 2-5/8″ X 4-1/2″ with an external applicator coil 2-3/4″ diameter X 1-3/8″ thick on a 4′ cord. (These details are offered for professionals only.)
  4. OZONIZED DRINKING WATER: Before adding this final step to the „magic four“, we had some very uncomfortable full-blown AIDS patients while they were detoxifying. All are now completely well and symptom free. By simply drinking ozone-charged water, most of the benefits of ozone use such as insufflation (ozone enemas), autohemotherapy, ozone injections and blood bubbling, Oxygen Bars and Hyperbaric Oxygen chambers were easily surpassed and made simple and inexpensive. Tanks of „medical oxygen“ (identical to welding oxygen) require medical prescriptions. Ozonized water is made from oxygen in ambient air and costs nothing. MAKING YOUR OWN: You can purchase ozone generators legally in tropical fish (aquarium) stores. Preferred is the 200 ML Sander (brand) ozonizer used with an aquarium aerator pump. Air pumped through a bubble-making „stone“ is passed through chilled water. Depending on the strength ozone maker you buy, water becomes „saturated“ in a few minutes and must be drunk immediately. You can see an increase in % blood oxygen saturation which often reaches 100% within minutes. Do NOT use ultra-violet (cheapest but almost useless) generators. Use ONLY cold-corona high voltage ozonizers. Construction and use is fully explained in my main paper.

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